Assembly Constituencies of Poonch District (J&k).

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Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir state has three assembly constituencies 

ConstituencyConstituency No.

Details of the Constituencies

As per 2011 census poonch district has a population of  476,835 ,Mendhar assembly constituency has a population of 1,41,366 ,Surankot assembly constituencies has a population of 1,24,755 and Haveli assembly constituency has a population of  132,767 . 

Poonch District has 6 tehsils ie., Mandi, Haveli,Mendhar,surankot Mankot and Balakot tehsil (please note Assembly constituencies and tehsils are different units a single constituency may have more than one tehsil for example Mendhar assembly constituency has three tehsils i.e., Balakot,mankote and Mendhar tehsils.


According to 2011 people of different religions live in Poonch  district .Hindu are about 6.84% sikhs are about 2.35% christains are 0.20% and small number of Buddhists ,Jains.

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