Assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir likely to be conducted in september 2019.

Politicians in Jammu and Kashmir have reacted to the news that Assembly election would be conducted in September 2019.Harsh Dev Singh Panther’s Party leader called it an attempt to subvert the democracy.He blamed the central government of playing mischievous tactics with the state.

Jammu and Kashmir Assembly was suspended by Governor of Jammu and Kashmir on November 21 citing the reasons that he did’nt want and unstable government in the state and justified his decision to prevent the horse trading.

Since the dissolution of the assembly politicians in the state have been demanding the early conduvt of assembly polls .

OP Rawat former Election Commissioner of India had said that assembly elections would be conducted before lok sabha polls ,there are also supreme court guidelines that in case of dissolution of the assembly elections will have to be conducted within six months.

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