Jammu and kashmir elections 2019.

Jammu and kashmir map depicting districts

Jammu and kashmir assembly elections are held after every 6 years as the term of jammu and kashmir assembly is 6 years unlike assemblies of the other state where the term is of 5 years.

jammu and kashmir is a unique state its uniqueness is because of the special status granted by the Indian constitution and because of its history.

it is the only state in the Indian union which has not fully merged with the Indian union like other states it has only acceded with India under certain terms and condition .

jammu and kashmir has surrendered only 4 subjects that are communication,foreign affairs,defense and finance to the Indian union rest of the subjects have been reserved for the state, any law made by Indian parliament doesn’t directly extends to the state until state assembly gives the concurrence.

As j&k state assembly has been dissolved by the governor on 21 November and according to supreme court directions elections are to be held within 6 months that is before may 2019.

Former chief election commissioner had once said that jk assembly elections 2019 may be conducted before the 2019 lok sabha polls, political parties in JK are eager to get the polls conducted at the earliest.

Public mood suggests that they will give mandate to the National Conference and congress in the JK assembly polls in 2019, though it will be too early to predict.

The reason for the people’s inclination towards NC(National Conference) this time is because of the issues like article 370 and 35A , NC has become successful in convincing people that PDP-and BJP are the parties who are acted hand in hand to to attack the special status of JK.

NC this time is giving a hope to the people that they are the only party who will defend article 370 and 35A ,many people form PDP and BJP has so far joined NC and this has created a sense of NC Wave for jammu and kashmir elections 2019 in the state just a like Modi wave in 2014.

Though it will be too early to predict about the polls result and government formation but if jammu and kashmir assembly gets a fractured mandate it will not be a surprising thing.

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