Javed Rana ‘a Natural choice for the people of Mendhar’

javed rana former MLA

Javed Rana had won and will win the Assembly elections, this is not my personal opinion but it is the writing on the wall , it is clear that NC will get majority in the assembly elections of 2019 therefore election of a MLA who has great prospects of becoming a Cabinet Minister becomes important.

‘Javed Rana is next MLA Mendhar’ is a common slogan in Mendhar nowadays in Mendhar tehsil probably is the most loved leader in the Mendhar.

Javed Rana is senior member of National conference and it is understood that from Pir Panjal Region he will be preferred first for the Cabinet Birth.

Since it has been a very long time that Mendhar has not got any Cabinet minister that is the reason ministers from other regions deliberately neglected this remote area.

so it becomes the responsibility of the people of Mendhar to elect an MLA who will become a become a cabinet minister and For that to happen you will have to vote NC candidate as you know NC will form government this time.

Javed Rana no doubt is the leader of masses and he has proved it time and again as in 2018 protest againt the abrogation of 35A probably he was the only leader from Pir Panjal who was very vocal against the center’s policy eroding autonomy of the state no other leader dared to touch that topic in short no one is courageous like him.

Javed rana leading a protest demonstration

Anyone who approches Javed Rana with the problem he surely gets the solution he doesn’t see the people through the prism of caste or religion

Though he himself is Gujjar by caste but there is a consensus among the people of Mendhar that Javed Rana never prevents the persons from other castes and religion from getting benefits.

His voter and suppors are not only Gujjar and bakarwals but also pahadis and kashmiris of Mendhar because of his impartial and helpful nature.

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