Next government in Jammu and Kashmir on its own.

BJP claims that it has kept the promise of ‘Sab ka saath aur sab ka vikas’ and ‘Acche din’ indeed have come, BJP claims that its action speak louder than the word and people of the state will  give full mandate to the party this time. BJP party President Ravindra Rana had reiterated time and again that BJP wave will sweep the whole state and party will form government on its own without and outside support.

Morale of BJP is all time high as it is confident to form the next government the  state of Jammu and kashmir , BJP leader claimed to have worked for the people of the state in the last 4 years in a way that no one had worked before.

BJP state president Ravinra Raina while talking to JK Media Channel has reiterated that his party would get 44+ Seats in the upcoming elections and there would be no need of any alliance with any party.

Meanwhile Sajjad Lone while taking to media has expressed the apprehensions that because of lack of any alternative to the people in the form of third front people end up giving votes to the parties like NC and PDP therefore he plans to unite with like minded parties in the interest of the state.

National Conference on the other hand also claims achieve 52+ seats in the upcoming elections NC is confident it they would form next government in JK on its own.

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