Regional Autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir a welcome step but not before creating new divisions,here is how:-

 Regional Autonomy:- Regional  is devolution of powers to lower level, here in this case to different  regions of the state be it Jammu region ,kashmir region or Ladakh region, contrary to centralization where power is concentrated at higher level. Regional autonomy must not be confused with Greater Autonomy which National Conference has been demanding since a long time regional autonomy is a separate thing.

Flow chart given below represents the present organisation of Jammu and Kashmir state .

Flow chart given below represents the organisation of the Jammu and Kashmir state after creation of new divisions

 When we spell out the the name of the state ‘Jammu and Kashmir’  it doen’t mean Jammu and kashmir only it also means  Pir Panjal region,  Chenab Valley and Ladakh Region also ,what I want to convey is that Jammu and Kashmir is a state with three regions i.e., Jammu ,Kashmir and Ladakh and each  region having sub- region(s) within it with a great level of variability in terms of cultures, languages and political aspirations. 

Jammu and kashmir was inherited from Dogra rulers a single entity  and I appreciate their commendable job for keeping together the  people having different regions, religions,languages and cultures in a single political unit.

Post 1947 the J&K state underwent through many  upheavals 
turmoils and people of the state also attained political maturity to a level that they have started demanding their due share, keeping in mind the need of the time state leader have recognized this  fact that it will no longer be easy rule the state without granting regional autonomy to the each region.

Leaders like Farooq Abdullah and Sham Lal Sharma have been very vocal about the granting regional autonomy in the state with each region having an empowered regional council in order to maintain the political balance.

But before the Regional autonomy becomes a reality State leaders must address some issues and most important of them is creating new divisions in the state, so what will be the new Divisions.

As you know Jammu and Kashmir has three regions i.e., Jammu region , Kashmir region and Ladakh region. But J&K has only  two divisions i.e., Jammu Division and Kashmir divison as ladakh region is also included under Kashmir division.

Recently demands for making Ladakh a separate division was raised by some leaders of Ladakh ,this stirred the hornet’s nest as people from Chenab Valley and Pir Panjal Region also put forward their demand of creating these two regions as a separate divisions.

A stage in the politics of Jammu and Kashmir has reached where one can’t just ignore the regional aspirations ,

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