who will form next government in Jammu and Kashmir ?

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If you want a straightforward  answer then I would say there are high chances of formation of coalition government between National conference(NC)  i.e., Farooq Abdullah’s party and Congress(under the leadership) of Ghulam Nabi Azad   because a  lot of resentment can be seen among the people against BJP in Dogra belt of Jammu region and against PDP in Kashmir  valley and the mood of voters tells that they are not going to vote for these parties again (PDP and BJP). 

However there is a  ‘NC’ wave in Jammu and kashmir and leaders of the other parties joining National Conference(NC) because of the high prospects of NC coming to power.

NC party has claimed that in 2019 they will get 52 seats and they will form government own their own.

After 2014 Assembly elections BJP-PDP coalition was formed in jammu and Kashmir  which was considered as the meeting of north pole and the south pole because of the contradicting ideologies of these two parties.

All was well until 7 Jan 2016 when Mufi Mohammed Sayeed that is chief Minister of the Coalition government died, as a result a leadership vacuum was created soon after that the state was put under governor rule on 8 Jan 2016 till Ist 4 April 2016 during this 87 days governors rule and both the parties again had to  work out  the agenda of alliance.

Finally somehow Mehbooba Mufti took over the reign  as 9th Cheif Minister and ruled the state till  19 June 2018 when BJP pulled out the alliance citing ‘national interest’ and party compulsions as the reason of break up , state was again put under governor’s rule ( N.N.Vohra) and subsequently a new governor Satya Pal Malik was appointed by the central government on 21 August 2018 .

The coalition government by and large had became unpopular and a lot of resentments was seen among the supporters of each parties i.e., PDP and BJP. Now the mood of the voters could be gauged from their social media updates and public rallies and it in favor of  NC and Congress.

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